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Business English course

This five-day intensive course aimed at individuals and small groups focuses on vocabulary acquisition and speaking practice. There is a great accent on practical language work aiming to give the student greater fluency in spoken English. Grammar and written activities may also be included, but these are of secondary importance on this course.

 The material is divided into 5 thematic groups:

  1. Company structure and organisation
  2. Marketing and advertising
  3. Sales and negotiation
  4. Recruitment and personnel management
  5. Presentation skills

Session 1 Company structure and organisation

Job descriptions and titles; departments within an organisation and structure; financial and legal structures (public/private, liability), organigram

Session 2 Marketing and Advertising

Marketing, the 4 Ps, the marketing process; the marketing mix of different kinds of industries, market research. Advertising and promoting a product; developing a "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP); the 4 stages of promoting a product (AIDA)

Session 3 Sales and negotiation

Greetings, introductions and leave-taking; breaking the ice; small talk; polite conversation; social language leading to sales discussions and negotiation. Using graphs and pie-charts to represent sales figures; describing market trends; reviewing sales

Session 4 Recruitment and personnel management

Recruitment, describing the qualities of job applicants and the duties and responsibilities of personnel; advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment; human resources management; writing a CV, interview techniques; manpower planning; financial and non-financial compensation; remuneration and benefits; motivation and employee assessment.

Session 5 Presentation skills

Planning and organising the presentation, introduction; useful language, signposting, rhetorical questions, body language, conclusion, dealing with questions.

This is a flexible course outline and can be adapted to specific student requirements.